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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability in our learning and membership space.

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The Image Ability Approach

Helping you from a unique intersection between image consulting, personal development and technology.

What Is Image Ability

Image Ability is our signature approach to help you design, improve and transform your image and style with confidence and poise.  It enables you to grasp the opportunity to grow, succeed, and thrive through change.

Image Ability: Four main stages

1 – Explore

Gain self-awareness

Explore the essentials of image, style personality, body matters and colour direction.

2 – Grow

Learn how to change and grow

Grow with a step-by-step guide to handling change through a positive, enriching and results-oriented experience.

3 – Design

Practice new skills

Design your image mindfully and sustainably. Master healthy habits with positive technology on your side.

4 – Realise

Magnify your personality

Realise your aspirational image with more personalised support. Own your Future Image.

This is how we work together

The Image Ability approach is built around you:  for you to align your inner characteristics with your goals, to grow and enjoy realising the image for the life you wish to live.  Learn how to put yourself together well, to look good and feel great – and succeed in your projects.  Your destination is your Future Image.

We will guide you towards the best suited pathway for your needs and success.

Our courses, mentoring programs, membership, positive technology and personal consultations are driven by your image ambitions and current challenges.

Our Offerings
  • Courses & Training

    Future Image

    Training in three steps:  to explore, grow and realise the ins and outs of your image.

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  • Membership

    Image Design

    A toolbox of resources to help you implement your image learnings and do it faster

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  • The Digital Wardrobe

    Image Mirror

    A functional and fun Digital wardrobe for a sustainable and mindful approach to your image. Improve healthy habits, productivity, wellbeing and performance.

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  • A 1:1 approach

    Mentoring & Consultations

    Mentoring is a smart relationship. Bespoke programmes of mentoring, coaching and consultations are designed for your particular needs and goals.

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Which are your priorities?

THINKING: I need to be taken seriously in my professional life and, bizarrely, more than before I have to learn to delegate ‘thinking time’.  My focus is on staying current and credible for success, I am not that much in trends.

LEARNING: My goal is to reconnect me with the best of my current wardrobe. I also need guidance on how to shop with a purpose.

IMPROVING: Recent years have taught me so much about myself but one thing I need to improve is my wellbeing.  Change is constant so how can I use my image more mindfully to move forward from where I am?

Quick exploration

What is it that you wish for your image?

“I am experiencing a lot of change – social, creative, physical – and your programme has given me an inspired start along the road towards personal transformation.”

“I am quite frankly, loving it! You are wonderfully clear, calm and effortlessly covering a wide spectrum of issues without losing focus. There is a goal – regardless of age – and you (we) can reach it – all while keeping the conversation open, reflective and positive.”

“My new-found intention is to have good clothes for every day rather than perpetually saving the best for special occasions. I no longer want to be a scarecrow on a daily basis!”

“Your guidance is priceless.  I have clothes which I keep for use around the house and will now extend the (new found) stylish principle to those clothes also. Thank you!”

“At last, the time has come to get some consistency into my wardrobe and stop ‘saving’ things for special occasions which don’t actually exist.”

“Your program has made me realise that my image is actually a great asset;  I will now look after it more consciously.”