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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability in our learning and membership space.

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How are you different from a personal stylist or a life coach?

I do not offer personal styling or coaching in the traditional sense; my coaching approach is action-driven and focused on how the relationship between our bodies and minds informs and sustains our productivity and enjoyment in what we do. ‘What we wear’ is particularly valuable for every woman as it helps alter states and influences personal abilities to problem solve, choose and lead; these ‘covers’ impact self-efficacy and effectiveness daily. I developed my executive coaching, leadership style mentoring and consulting experience as a business leader over three decades. My Image ability approach originates from a change management and image strategy approach to leading change with the right-fit personal presence. It is different as it seeks to cultivate a more emotionally sustainable and positive relationship with yourself and your aspirational image and leadership style.

How does it work?

I offer online and offline training, mentoring and coaching programs and 1:1 image consultations. We are also building a Membership (Image Design) and a Digital Wardrobe (Image Mirror) for higher connection in our private Image Ability Community.

Image Fundamentals will give you a Foundation for understanding critical image concepts and knowledge. It will also provide you with all that you need for a self-review. When you graduate from Image Fundamentals, you will understand what matters for your image.

Image Growth in a Time of Change is an online course with personal mentoring that will take you from understanding your image to setting goals to take you forward. Once you start moving, you can change.

Realise Your Future Image is our signature programme built for your image performance. An accelerated A to Z experience designed to support you in personal branding and much more for your leadership style and overall personal development.

You are welcome to contact me anytime for one-on-one coaching or additional sessions (online or in-person) to work on your specific goals and needs.

Access to Image Design and Image Mirror are exclusive benefits to our Realise Your Future Image Programme members.

Visit the Offerings page for product details, and join our waiting list to discover more about what’s in our development lab.

How much does it cost?

Each online course /programme is individually priced. For example:

Image Fundamentals is £176 for six modules (online).

Image Growth in a Time of Change is £362 for four modules and group mentoring calls (online) four times a year.

Realise Your Future Image is our signature programme, which is £1,650. There are four parts delivered in 11 modules in our online programme. We open the enrollment four times a year.

I offer change, image coaching and mentoring. Prices start at £750 for the entry-level package. Book a no-obligation call for a conversation to understand your needs and interests.

We offer customised content and delivery for corporate customers. Visit the page for Corporate clients.

We offer groups and 1-to-1 coaching online and in-person.

Call for availability.

Based on your individual needs, prices for bespoke 1-to-1 in-person packages will be agreed upon. In most cases, six coaching sessions and three to five consulting sessions are required. Working with a change and image coach, mentor, and consultant is an investment in yourself. Clients often find I save them money in the long-term as they learn to use their inner and outer characteristics better and develop their leadership style – not only existing wardrobes or shopping more efficiently and mindfully. Contact me via the form.

Corporate Clients, please check the dedicated page and Contact me for more details.

Is there a personality consultation part of the in-person package?

Knowing your lifestyle and psychological drivers helps me give you more tailored advice on setting your image goals. Clients typically find this an intriguing and fun experience in our online and in-person options. It’s an excellent foundation for my training, coaching, mentoring, and consultations.

What’s the connection between personality and style personality consultations?

The personality consultation is concerned with who you are, while the style personality consultation looks at what you wear. Do you have one personality based on solid likes and dislikes? Or do you like to experiment across different styles? This is an opportunity to analyse how you project yourself, what you wear and why, and assess how your current image aligns with your goal. So often, women get stuck in a rut for a reason. While I won’t ask you to compromise your core image values, I believe life’s too short to be stuck forever in just one style. The good news is that style comes naturally when we have covered your image goals, blocks and aspirations. The same is true for your taste and leadership style development!

Do I need to do all your programmes? Or do they in a particular order?

No! There’s no requirement to sign up for all I offer. You are unique, and what you need will differ from everyone else. I am sure I will help you realign your image for the life you want, and we can work at whatever pace suits you best. Your stage will influence where you come on board and the dynamics of your Image Ability journey.

Feel free to give yourself a ‘warm-up’ with Image Fundamentals and get some of the basics in place.

And, assuming you are committed to doing justice to your image, enrol in our signature programme, Realise your Future Image and get to your Image Destination Aspiration guided by a comprehensive A to Z structure.

If you are unsure what would be most suitable for you, Contact me via the form for a call.

Do I need a minimum personal shopping budget?

Absolutely not. My approach covers four stages – Explore, Grow, Design, and Realise – and in every one of these steps, I guide you to work with your existing wardrobe. There’s no expectation that you’ll buy new clothes. I am not offering personal shopping. However, if we agree that some new pieces would be helpful, I will provide illustrative examples to get you started within your budget.

I’m indecisive about what to wear in various situations – but my wardrobe is bursting at its seams. How can you help me?

This is one of the reasons why Image Ability exists! Your struggle is not unique – it is well documented that most of us only use around 20% of the things we have 80% of the time. With what you learn and practice, you will get the impetus, knowledge and support to re-activate your wardrobe or re-vamp it from the core! I am not telling you what to do or wear, but you will learn a different way of thinking and managing your image through the Image Ability process.

While my approach is anchored in making the most of what you already have, there’s nothing to prevent you from starting with a clean slate due to your Wardrobe Detox, even if it means re-writing all your style rules from scratch. Change is good; my coaching, consulting and empathetic support are extended in an informed and reliable way to help you make your own decisions and renew with confidence.

Who do you work with?

People from all backgrounds and professions, each with their own goals and challenges. I’ve worked with C-suite and Board decision-makers towards their transitioning aspirations in mid-life and career. I have worked with teams wishing to add a feminine leadership touch to their training. Organisations who wish to make themselves more attractive to women and make the diversity and inclusion agenda a reality rather than a statement on paper. I have worked with mums returning to work, professional women changing careers aiming to balance well-being issues with an aspirational plan, empty nesters, and academics who wish to challenge their image. However, the common ground is women who care about their presence, success skills, well-being and environmental contribution.

I aim to help them re-design and manage their image to realise their goals rather than buy clothes!

Do I need a specific body shape to benefit from your advice?

A simple ‘no’! I believe every body shape is beautiful. With some self-knowledge and empowerment from working with me, you can wear flattering and confidence-building clothes, whatever your size and profile. Our bodies constantly change throughout life, and what once worked may no longer be the best way to celebrate your assets. In the Image Fundamentals course, we cover body matters. In the 1-to-1 consultations, we’ll also cover styles that complement your personal characteristics. In Realise Your Future Image, you will increasingly develop this capability for yourself.

Where are you based?

I work internationally; Image Ability is a hybrid business in that we have a complete online offering and in-person for when that is practical. I am based in Cambridge, UK, and if you would like to meet in person, we can discuss this option during our initial telephone consultation.

What is the Digital Wardrobe?

The Digital Wardrobe (‘Image Mirror’) was born from my passion for linking people, data and positive technology. The Digital Wardrobe is a sustainability-focused innovation that aims to help you manage your image in a productive and fun way and save you time and money while doing good for a broader ecosystem.

We’ll guide you on populating your database using a standardised set of descriptors. This data-driven service will become the basis for new and sometimes unexpected combinations of items you already have in your wardrobe, tagged with objective and subjective ‘feel good ‘memories and stories to sustain well-being and underpin a slow-fashion, sustainable lifestyle.

Join the waiting list for the Digital Wardrobe, and we’ll get you started on building your digital wardrobe.

How will you use my data?

Image Ability uses your wardrobe data to improve the service, i.e., to optimise matching items in an individual wardrobe to the type of event(s) ahead.

The recommender system considers clothes you may have worn to previous occasions, the weather, the time of day and other factors that may influence the outfit choice – whether for a wedding, the beach or a day at the office.

A key feature is that it learns from your own experience and from the experience of others who use the Digital Wardrobe service. For analytical purposes, the wardrobe data is fully anonymised and will not be sold or shared with others.

All Image Ability processes are entirely GDPR compliant.

What is the Online Community and Membership?

With an Image Ability Community and Membership (Image Design), we intend to create connections and add value for our members.

The Community is an Image Ability private space (a ‘changing room’ if you like) where we share stories and learn from each other.

In the Membership area, we provide regular access to extra resources, training and topics of common interest.

The Membership and the Community grow together and are driven by our members’ evolving needs and accomplishments.

How can Image Ability help me be sustainable?

90% of the time, a Wardrobe Detox results in a significant percentage of wardrobe removal and re-configuration. Those items which cannot be – sensibly and economically – altered might embark on a new journey.

My clients tend to gift to others or charities of their choice: some rent out vital pieces, and some sell, re-purpose or discard parts of their wardrobe.

The choice of actions involving the circular economy, combined with the frequency of wear for every garment, and also the natural fabric attributes (which make garments fully recyclable) and other data, will generate an Image Ability social score for those clients who want to take a data-driven approach to their sustainability.

How can I pay?

Pay by credit card or PayPal to secure access to an online course, programme or your in-person consultation. See my booking policy in the Terms and Conditions.