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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability in our learning and membership space.

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Integrated Coaching

Professionals are human beings with cultural differences.

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Unique perspectives from experience 

Daniela is a cross-culture and image coach that helps individuals and teams reach their full potential, as professionals, as people and as part of a team.

Daniela’s strengths and competencies are built on decades of personal experience in applying, psychology, pedagogy, entrepreneurship, leadership, profiling and behavioural science.  Her inter-disciplinary research and hands-on work in cross-cultural management has fuelled a constant interest and practice in addressing complex, mission critical, modern-day challenges.  

We offer two main types of support

Image and presence coaching which focuses on the impact a person makes both personally and professionally and is vital for personal development. It combines psychology, personal branding, and aesthetic guidance on the ‘covers’ to improve and manage an individual’s attitude, behaviour, communication, and impact.

Cross-cultural coaching which in essential for developing self-awareness in individuals and teams to build connection, understanding, and unity when working cross-culturally.  By leveraging cultural differences, it can lead to better creativity and innovation and in turn successful organisational development.

What is different :

Daniela’s process is not restricted to the use standard coaching methods which tend to focus on one state or challenge. The Image Ability coaching approach is integrated and designed to adapt to your needs and preferences. Assess your challenges holistically, we guide you to identify and explore your cultural orientation and abilities.

The nature of coaching with Daniela is determined by your personal or collective (team, organisation, project) needs. As a general guide:

Level 1 is driven by exploration around identity and purpose.

Level 2 facilitates getting unstuck from a situation which is hindering growth.

Level 3 of coaching integrates image and presence with cultural orientations and abilities.

Bespoke Cultural Audits cover organisations and teams.

Why have image and presence coaching? 

Evidence shows that your image can be an active ingredient in managing change positively, helping people think, feel and act differently, and shaping how others view them, positively. Almost all of your communication is based on your image and appearance, and having confidence to be the best version of yourself is critical.

We believe it all starts at the core of an individual – going beyond surface appearance and instead rooted in values, beliefs, personality, and self-perception. At Image Ability, we advocate self-discovery, and the ability to grow and develop a personal and professional presence that has impact.

Whether that’s organisational change, returning to work after a break, or changes in your health or hormones. It can leave us confused and anxious, which can affect our performance at work as well as our wellbeing. But how people feel about themselves, and how they project themselves, isn’t just the result of these changes, it can influence them.

Why have cross-cultural coaching?

To drive and expand your cultural intelligence

Domains, industries, groups, clusters, teams – all exist because of a shared characteristic. However, the mutuality may go beyond considerations of gender, ethnicity, national identity, geography, or socio-economic background.

Recognising and understanding personal and teams’ diversity of thought and action is the golden opportunity to capitalise on creativity and effectiveness. Achievements go hand in hand with the development of personal and team capabilities, relationships, and goodwill. With our coaching approach we facilitate this integration.

Daniela has pioneered cross-cultural innovation research and integrated culture in our coaching approach and business practice since the early ’90s.  She is also accredited in the use of the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) and Belbin Team roles.

To promote and maximise diversity and creativity 

Daniela will work with you and your teams to raise awareness of your worldview (internal) to address real challenges and enable effective activity (external).

She will facilitate goal setting, starting with the connection of inner and outer characteristics. Image, presence, personal and social power are the very essence of leadership potential.

You will be guided to foster your own diverse attributes, whilst becoming more aware of and open to the diversity around you.

Daniela enables individuals and teams to inspire themselves and others. To be more present and connected to their important and meaningful objectives.

Teams and corporate clients

Our coaching process

Whether you are an individual, a team or an organisation motivated by high performance, high fulfilment and authenticity, Daniela can act as a catalyst for the change you wish to achieve. She is not a fixer however, that requires your effort – and she is not limited to just multinationals or top executives.

Sessions are designed to enable exploration, change, growth, and action. We deliver them face-to-face, live online, fully online (asynchronous) or blended – to both individual and teams.

Contact us today for individual coaching, leadership development, intercultural training, team coaching or organisational cultural audits. 

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“Daniela’s cultural intelligence comes from direct experience as an investor and global business builder. Always empathetic and based on facts, she guided our cohorts efficiently through the complexities of cross-border perspectives while helping her audience gain clarity for their endeavours before detailed strategising.”

Mathilde, UKTI

“Daniela provided us with comprehensive and engaging intercultural training during significant change and growth in Europe. Her deep knowledge of behaviour at individual, group, organisational and national levels made her approach highly practical.”

Mathilde, UKTI

I much appreciated your contribution and loved how practical it was. I know the participants found it very helpful and inspiring.

Patrizia, Programme Director, Cambridge Judge Business School

“Thank you, this was all I needed to re-wire. I felt I did it for myself – and now I am applying what I learned with ease. Knowing myself, I am amazed that I am keeping at it!”

“This was extraordinary! I convinced myself to say ’yes’ to things I would normally shy away from. You have impressed and moved me with your wonderful work which seems to be talking to me directly.”

“Becoming a mother has changed my life; not getting enough sleep and adding more weight are the main changes. Although, quite daunting to start with, you helped me make that first step and then the next: I am thrilled at where I am now.”

“I am quite frankly, loving it! You are wonderfully clear, calm and effortlessly covering a wide spectrum of issues without losing focus. There is a goal – regardless of age – and you (we) can reach it – all while keeping the conversation open, reflective and positive.”

“I am now better at breaking away from old fantasies and embrace this ageing body and its need to feel well dressed. It was a good dose of reassurance.”

“Image = what we stand for, what we dream about, what we love. It is a paradox that while getting dressed in the way that expresses us the most, we actually “undress and expose our essential nature” . . . but as gradually as we wish. It puts us in control.”

“Your program has made me realise that my image is actually a great asset;  I will now look after it more consciously.”