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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability in our learning and membership space.

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1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Sometimes you need that extra personalised support to reach your image aspirations and ambitions. So that you lead your transformation.

Image Ability Vitruvian approach integrates the body and mind to defining the proportioned life as a function of personal, social habits and self-expression. The main outcome is strength, relevance and beauty, from the inside-out. This unique blend of personal and social power sums up social capital.

  • Our Vitruvian approach to image and cross-culture

    Image VIP Support

    Coaching, mentoring and consulting are smart relationships. Our  highly personalised process is  designed for your particular personal change and image needs and goals. Think of your change and image challenges as a marathon rather than a sprint!.  We help with guidance, sounding board, advice and accountability.

1:1 Consulting

  • Your relationship with your 'covers' and colour

    'Wake-up your Wardrobe'

    Although we are a change and image consultancy who take a holistic view of your presence, image and style personality, there are times when it really feels like a stagnant or listless wardrobe is holding you back.

    Whether you’re looking for just a re-balancing or a major revamp of your existing wardrobe, we can help you learn how to align it with your values.

    Our 1:1 highly customised service focuses on change, within you, and within your wardrobe. You will:

    • Understand the relationship between image and wellbeing and to make more sustainable and life-affirming choices

    • Choose clothes that lift your self-esteem and make you feel more connected to the people and things that matter

    • Stay dynamic and relevant

    • Break the cycle of always buying new pieces despite the perfectly good clothes you already have

    • Learn how to balance self-care with the pursuit of personal and professional goals

    • Re-invent the ‘backbone’ of your wardrobe with sustainability in mind

    • Wear confident and authentic outfits, fit for your workplace but not uniform

    And have fun with colour and what you wear!

Image Courses and Training

Our courses and training programmes are designed to enable exploration, change, growth and action. So that you own your image!

Curated spaces

We foster communication, collaboration and creativity amongst our members based on topics of common interest.  So that you design, test and polish your image!