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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability in our learning and membership space.

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Our Offerings

This is the list of our services which will help you towards the image you really want. Click on any of the links to understand the detail.

Image Courses and Training

Our courses and training programmes are designed to enable exploration, change, growth and action. So that you own your image!

  • Image Fundamentals

    In a 6-Module self-paced online course you will learn the absolute essentials on image, personality, style personality, body matters and colour direction.

    This is your image exploration, the first step in the Image ability journey. It equips you with fundamental concepts and a playbook to help you review your image foundations.

  • Image Growth

    This 4-week programme blends online learning with mentoring designed to give you a very practical guide to what matters when dealing with change.

    Once you have a firm grasp on where you are and an idea of what you wish to achieve but still ponder on that change button, Image Growth allows you to learn the skills to set goals, plan, and manage your change.

    You will benefit from a guided change management process and group mentoring sessions. To help identify and remove obstacles and achieve your early wins in growing and developing your image.

  • Future Image

    Future Image is our signature programme built for your image performance. An accelerated A to Z experience designed to support you realise your aspirational image. Enabling you to align your inner characteristics, absorb the vital knowledge and keep the image impetus for the life you want.

    With additional option for personalised support so that you feel good, look good and do well, anytime, anywhere.

Curated spaces

We foster communication, collaboration and creativity amongst our members based on topics of common interest.  So that you design, test and polish your image!

  • Membership

    Image Design

    This is our Membership area where you can access a toolbox of resources to help you implement your image learnings and do it faster. This space is yours to ‘design-and-make’ your image what you wish it to become. You will get unstuck and progress from A to Z on your Image ability path to success. By joining our Membership, you will practice, and develop your image leadership skills and connect with like-minded women.

  • The Digital Wardrobe

    Image Mirror

    The Digital Wardrobe is a unique piece of positive technology with built-in social scoring. Designed to help you develop healthy habits, productivity, wellbeing and performance. We will guide you to build yours for a mindful approach to your wardrobe. Be stylish, have fun with what you wear and be sustainable. The Digital Wardrobe is coming soon.

1:1 Services

Sometimes you need that extra personalised support to reach your image aspirations and ambitions. So that you lead your transformation.