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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability in our learning and membership space.

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Image confidence is a capability

Working together to cultivate authentic leadership, confidence and                    self-improvement for your teams and individuals.

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Image confidence increases capability. Let us help you increase its value 

Would you like your people to make a positive impression, radiate competence, be resilient in negotiation and build better relationships? It all starts with the image they project. In business, we really are what we communicate, both verbally and non-verbally.

Image Ability courses, training programmes, executive coaching, mentoring and consultations are designed to enable exploration, change, growth, and action for our client’s team, organisations or student groups. We deliver them face-to-face, live online, fully online (asynchronous) or blended.

How we work together

Everything we do is tailored to your specific needs and can include asynchronous learning – taken from our pre-existing programmes and in a large range of subject areas – or live sessions and workshops.

We can deliver short 60-minute inspiring breakfast or lunch sessions, longer workshops or design a blend over a longer period for maximum impact. We also have mentoring, coaching and membership options.

Our sessions are interactive, and we believe in an action-based approach. This involves tools, frameworks, workbooks, and techniques that participants gain immediate reflection, insights and impact from.

Why us? 

We have forged our own image ‘in the fire’ coming from over 30 years of international business, working with high powered executives in financial services and the diplomatic corps, and with the more dynamic and creative movers and shakers in a wide range of industries.

Our values, experience and continuous learning have fuelled our signature Image Ability approach. We work with women, men and organisations who wish to attract and retain them – by helping them design, improve and transform their image and style, from the inside out, with confidence and poise.

We enable individuals and teams to grasp the opportunity to grow, succeed, and thrive through change.

Our four stages approach

We will guide you

Our Image Ability approach is built around individuals:  for women and men to align their inner characteristics with their goals, to grow and enjoy realising the image for the life they wish to live while magnifying their authentic leadership potential.  Talented individuals who learn how to feel great, look good and succeed in work and life.

We will guide you towards the best fit pathway for you teams’ needs and success.

Our courses, mentoring and coaching programs, membership, positive technology and personal consultations are driven by your image ambitions and current challenges.

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  • Your Ambitions

    Align personal aspirations to organisational goals. Are you giving your people the right tools and training they need to be the best they can and make your business win?

  • Your Challenges

    Structural uncertainty has become as certain as constant change. How do you balance growth goals, inspiring leadership and meaningful well-being?

Image literacy and performance

Our programs are designed to help individuals, teams, and organisations manage their development stages as opportunities for advancement, fulfilment, and further growth.

Contact us today and let Image Ability help you cultivate authenticity, leadership confidence, and self-improvement for the the individuals and teams around you.

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“Daniela provided us with comprehensive and engaging intercultural training during significant change and growth in Europe. Her deep knowledge of behaviour at individual, group, organisational and national levels made her approach highly practical.”

Mathilde, UKTI

I much appreciated your contribution and loved how practical it was. I know the participants found it very helpful and inspiring.

Patrizia, Programme Director, Cambridge Judge Business School

“This was extraordinary! I convinced myself to say ’yes’ to things I would normally shy away from. You have impressed and moved me with your wonderful work which seems to be talking to me directly.”

“Becoming a mother has changed my life; not getting enough sleep and adding more weight are the main changes. Although, quite daunting to start with, you helped me make that first step and then the next: I am thrilled at where I am now.”

“I am quite frankly, loving it! You are wonderfully clear, calm and effortlessly covering a wide spectrum of issues without losing focus. There is a goal – regardless of age – and you (we) can reach it – all while keeping the conversation open, reflective and positive.”

“I am now better at breaking away from old fantasies and embrace this ageing body and its need to feel well dressed. It was a good dose of reassurance.”

“Image = what we stand for, what we dream about, what we love. It is a paradox that while getting dressed in the way that expresses us the most, we actually “undress and expose our essential nature” . . . but as gradually as we wish. It puts us in control.”

“Your program has made me realise that my image is actually a great asset;  I will now look after it more consciously.”

Thank you for an attractive and useful programme. This has come to me in a time of major change;  I am taking it slowly as I enjoy savouring the moment while I get things done one step at a time”.

Mariana, University Professor