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I salute you all that are on either side of 40 or 50. The best is yet to come!

Let me tell you what has been so incredible for me in my 50s.  
·    Experimenting with personal and professional boundaries while valuing my image and using it as my guide. 
·    Working with other professional women who had thought their image was only about new clothes and youth.
Guiding them to raise their game, as opposed to just staying in the game, has been most rewarding.
·    Not taking myself too seriously while building a new professional business aimed at helping women.

People ask me what one needs to know to create value with their image: 
1.  Your values: your principles, your standards and your boundaries – see my blog on Emerging in Style.
2.  Your ‘Seasons’ (your colours and when you function best).
3.  Your body uniqueness.
4.  As a professional woman, you have created an impact on others well beyond your social media reach. Being aware of that impact is good. If you ask, some people will actually tell you: try it!
5. And a few more things, mostly about being open and curious.
For some of my students, their image journey started with a degree of awkwardness. I even heard of the ‘fear of narcissism’; those who pushed through won over such misconceptions.
6. One other thing: time is always on your side – if you can see it that way. There is enormous value in ‘bite-size and slow’ in what you wish to achieve. Surprisingly, for those who only tell you ‘fast and now’, you can create a lasting impact and higher productivity for whatever complex, innovative teams and projects you may lead. I admit it has taken me a while to get comfortable with ‘slow’!

You can rely on your image, so look after it! 
·    It feeds and fuels your energy and charisma for when you need it most: this stands true even for so many out there who think of themselves as introverted.   
·    It brings your eye contact in focus – yes, even on Zoom!
·    It helps you ‘light up the room’ in your way: there is no magic formula here before you ask.

It’s best if you do the work on your own image;  you really can’t cut and paste it from elsewhere. For lasting results, you have to make your own to support you in creating value from what you have to offer.

You can take a look at what my exceptional students say about re-kindling their interest and re-building their image capability. My signature approach to image re-set and transformation is a roadmap to building a capability; it is not a recipe. It starts with some fundamentals and knowledge you can apply immediately.

Hop in when you are ready!  But – a warning – it will require a bit of effort on your part!

And, when you next look in the mirror, remember that there is more value you can add to your various projects – as ageless and exceptional as you are here and now.

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