Image Ability | Blog: What do your clothes say about the job you want
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Recent conversations have revealed how often women wear clothes which do not reflect the job they want. 

My client is successful in her own right and very good at what she does.  Modern and progressive in her space at work.  She is inclusive, warm and people look up to her.  Recent years have been more challenging but some things never seem to change….

One specific thing that did not change was that she was spending time, energy and money in the wrong place. And she was wearing unimaginative pieces when she was aspiring towards a more senior management role.

The truth hits back home yet again: the biggest thing preventing women from feeling and looking great – to live the life they want – is understanding the relationship between their bodies, the colour of their hair, skin, eyes and also who they really are (their personality).  It is simply the same for any job they want, even if more work from home has become a fixture in today’s lifestyles . 

What if you learned what to look for when buying or wearing clothes?

Those who keep on wearing the same thing, and keep buying the same designs tend to end up in a rut – and it continues to cost them time, money and self-esteem. All this, instead of figuring out what they actually need to change in the way they choose what to wear. 

After all, this trial and error shouldn’t be the only way to get things right in what women wear.  What if resources dry up?  What if the fibres – those that make the clothes – or our own time, the delivery services or money dries up?

Open mindedness and commitment helped my client through:  she has learned about her natural characteristics and has become clearer about the life she really wants to live – and about the job to go with it.

By knowing about her body shape, she now chooses the fit which flatters her and wins her compliments. By knowing the colours which suit her due to her skin, hair and eye colour she has learned how to choose those colours which work best with her natural characteristics – and to avoid those which do not.  By knowing what makes her feel happy she will continue to practice her primary style which reflects her personality.  She is now doing this consistently and she has noticed how people take notice and engage with her differently – in both everyday life and at work.

Jump into Image Fundamentals and learn the 5 key ingredients you need to know about yourself when choosing what to wear.  They are your own definition of image, your personality, colour, body, and style.  Understanding them sets the foundation you need to help yourself look and feel great – and empowered! Of if you would rather prefer a 1:1 consultation, contact me to book your free 30 minutes call.

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