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I enjoy reflecting on values at a new beginning as it takes me to the core – and working at the core of what we research and do at Image Ability and in everyday life.

The nature of ‘image’ is very diverse as it is influenced by our personal perception of what it means – and values are part of this very personal fabric. As Image is a mental construct, irrespective of who we are – gender, race, age, seniority – we need to learn to work with our unconscious minds – the intangible and with the conscious, more visible and logical, which makes it not only necessary but also extremely practical for setting goals!

For those who know me, I am very transparent about the fact that planning is not where I start, but it is usually where I end when sharing values stories about courage, leading, caring, disrupting and transforming. You know the type: those stories and reflections you cannot ask ChatGPT to write!

So, here is my attempt at goal setting while building on those integrative thinking and innovation values that motivate me into action :

1.Work with 90-day fluid goals

    I value goals and, especially, achieving milestones. As a typical ‘time is scarce’ person, I derive genuine support from having goals while not allowing them to usurp my power and intuition. I function best when I have meaningful deadlines which respect my freedom to go off-piste.

    My worst nightmare is being managed by systems like Trello, which focuses on the itsy-bitsy instead of the higher-level goals – the actual achievements.

    Last January, I planned to record the video lessons for my signature programme by the time our grandson arrived in this world. Now, I am using his first anniversary to help a client complete her inner/outer work assignment for clarity in her new role. People who are growing are the best motivators ever – even if some of them don’t even realise what they are doing!

    Which is your nearest and dearest meaningful goal?

    2. Focus on the 20%

    Have you ever mapped your network with pen and paper? Indeed, use the automatic tools in your SM accounts and then give each group a 2-liner description. When you do so, go beyond the ‘stiff’ demographics, seniority, or geography. There is value and enjoyment in your own personal segmentation.

    Unsurprisingly, you’ll discover a segment or two that gives you the genuine feed-back, reciprocity, interest, and connection to make your project succeed.

    I’ll focus on the 20% for a more meaningful impact in 2024.

    If you struggle to make sense of your highest-value segment, let me know, and I’ll be happy to get you started.

    3.Get better at photos

    I have been told a few times that I was a role model (i.e. respectful and disciplined) at organising photos. Indeed, that was the case until 2017; then, things fell apart! As a result, I have been catching up with creating digital albums for my growing family. The type of albums that are not Apple-driven but are based on personal choice. Google may be quicker and definitely require far less effort, but there is fun, joy, inspiration, and immense satisfaction buried in the traditional processes.

    It consolidates the character, which is a life-long marathon rather than a sprint. In a fast-changing, mercurial world, stability is priceless – your family and teams will thank you for it.

    Supporting a quest for synergy between self-efficacy and joy is the value that I strive for and aspire to achieve in the months ahead. This is the only meaningful goal I have.

    At a time when diversity and inclusion need to matter more, image skills need more deliberate attention for genuine empowerment beyond lip service. Being driven by your values means recognising and acting upon what makes you feel at your best, happy, and proud – and showing that in how you are and what you do – including how you walk and what you put on!

    Whatever it is that you aspire towards, Image Ability provides a toolkit of knowledge, conversations, and skills for you to get you that much closer to achieving what you want. Image is your asset when you work at it in a structured way – not as a random afterthought.

    You can read more on personal value stories and access simple tools at the links below;  may you keep the balance between what is meaningful to you – this year and onwards!