Image Ability | Blog: Is there such a thing as colour on prescription?
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I was born in the heat of summer on the day of change.

Old folk say that reptiles (and creepie-crawlies) retreat for the year on this day!  I am happy they do so as I would rather not meet them at any time…

Hot, rusty-gold fields and sunflowers make me smile – and I guess this power of natural attraction to one’s true colours makes decisions in what to wear a no-brainer. Naturally, it is not that simple, but it’s good to recognise that a ‘prime element’ drives us – at least this is what, as data scientists, we know to be true.  Information is beautiful when used in the context that matters for how we wish to carry out our projects – and our lives.

Back to the statistical dominance in our ‘data fabric’:  when I choose what to wear for the day, this is where I start – invariably with my prime colours.  It is instinctive, and it is like a compass throughout the year. A few days ago, I had an exchange with a young lady designer: I told her that what she does resonates with me as a considerate consumer. I feel that everybody deserves to know when they have matched their audience – irrespective of what products or services they offer.  Finding the right match is a reason for a connection with more substance between both parties and fuel for more and better innovation.

Navigating between personal seasons is the best of both worlds (in colour ‘speak’, I am an ‘Autumn’ as my primary, with a bit of ‘Spring’) and, unsurprisingly, my wardrobe ‘talks’ about change and transition between cultures, places and more – it is a reflection of my image ability. And I am not the only one! In recent conversations with our clients, the prime theme was how to re-capture energy and enthusiasm. With or without a sugar diet, when we pay attention to the colours we are wearing, we open up new opportunities to reconnect with ourselves and the world. When we know and respect our colours, they remind us of stories: they become a source of dopamine and inspiration. So every day is a good day to wear your own colours – at work or in the park.

I also love my pinks: July is when these come to the fore for me – alongside the show of spots and stripes. My colours get adjusted by proximity to the sea when my Spring palette tends to take over.  Once back in August, I’m in the full, earthy heat of the spectrum and, like the season, gradually descend into warm greens with Venetian reds and coppery shades. They all talk of achievement, harvest and home.

So, yes, at Image Ability, we do listen and offer colour ‘on prescription’. The clue is in the data – we help our customers reach it and make it work for them confidently and stylishly!

When we listen to our colours, they take us to places. So, where are you off to today?

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