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Beautiful clothes and nowhere to go…. Sounds familiar?

As I write, the 2nd of December is set for the removal of the second lockdown in the UK and everybody’s hope for a family Christmas is getting stronger.  There are no more excuses for introspection and lack of imagination even if a virtual gathering is still the only possibility. We have all learned to use the new restrictions as opportunities to do things a bit differently. So, what I am laying out here is not only for now but also for the future. One thing is clear – we need to dress every day so why not do it a bit more mindfully and intentionally – for all the good and challenging times we have ahead.

Here are five steps on how to re-connect with what you already have in your own wardrobe:

1. Allow yourself time to interact with your wardrobe. 

Make it a habit to interact with what you have: it is healthy!

Look beyond what needs refreshing or re-purposing (more on that later) as it will bring back memories.  Think of your clothes as photographs and your wardrobe as a collage: collages summarise life’s memories. I came across my blue spotty skirt and was immediately enjoying gelato in Milan . . .

Where did you last ‘travel’ just by looking at an item of clothing in your wardrobe?

2. Start by grouping your clothes into themes. 

Think ‘seasonal’ to make it easy and relevant for everyday use.  I call my current themes ‘summer’ and ‘hot summer’.  Hot summer is more about linens and white, while summer extends into kinds of cotton and silks.  Keeping them in two loosely blended groups gives me the choice for every atmospheric perturbation that’s likely to occur during the turmoil of British summers.

How many themes would you have for where you live?

3. Put each garment on a hanger and the whole theme on a rack appropriate for the time of year.

There is no substitute for an excellent visual impact of what you have.  Seeing is believing, and your clothes deserve to be seen, used, and loved. 

Did you discover at least one piece you had forgotten about when you last looked in your wardrobe?

4. Group them by colour.

I don’t know about you, but my day always starts with choosing a colour.  It is intuitive; I don’t have to work hard at it, and seeing it on the rack gets me into gear very effectively.  Personally, I live and breathe by colour. 

What is your relationship with colour?

5. Start a wardrobe diary.

Now, as you have your rack nicely organised, you can make a note of what you wear for your various daytime activities.  Give each garment a number or a short funny name – and note how you felt wearing it.

How many garments have you worn this week?  How about a guess of how many garments you actually have in your entire wardrobe?  Just a guess . . .

So, what do you say?  Rather than hit the shops, why not self-indulge in your existing wardrobe?  Drop me a line about how you interact with your clothes, as I’d love to know if these five steps resonate with you.  I’ll share with you what numbers can do to make us feel great with our wardrobes.  

To your new start!

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