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For some time now I have been building a Digital Wardrobe which is, in effect, a network of images and multiple data points which know more about me than I know about myself. One could even say that it is pure R&D, driven by a combination of curiosity and the mixed emotions the world has generated in recent months. 

Early in the first pandemic lockdown, I wrote my very first blog on ‘Sustainability and me’ where I revealed my excitement about developing an Image Mirror; this was Digital Wardrobe-1.0 as a novel way to serve my personal values about aesthetics and practical sustainability. 

Talking with friends (and, more recently, customers), it has become all very clear that many people want to do something about their own habits in relation to what, and how clothes are ‘consumed’; but it has also become increasingly clear that, without some form of new ability to look at ourselves differently, it is almost impossible to actually do things differently. This is what has driven me to set-up Image Ability, an organically-designed Image change and management business in which I demonstrate my signature approach which is anchored, and designed by one’s own identity, values and goals.

Experimenting, setting up and transforming ways of thinking – especially since the pandemic – reflects how we are slowly-but-surely reshaping the way we see the world.  Helping others dare to think outside their own box of image habits and grow beyond the current challenges has been my personal challenge. Of late, I have felt both inspired and humbled by the feedback and support I have had from the first students for my online course in Image Fundamentals; it has been a veritable whirlwind of experiences!

I could say that it was a rich year in terms of character analysis, but while also watching how the legacy fashion and retail industry is trying to re-define itself, and how leaders are still struggling to emerge with a new meaning. Those that manage to break away from group-think and have a genuine appetite for ’digital’ and for re-purposing the economy may well get there faster.

Many are waking up to the fact that it is all about our behaviour. This opportunity is extremely natural for anyone of us and it can have a huge impact on how we want the world to become. The good news is that we can shift our own behaviour and it is a rewarding experience in itself to become more strategically aware of what we can actually do to create impact. It can, and should start with our image which is, ultimately, a projection of how we see life – and it goes well beyond what we wear.

A well-developed personal image capability can be a catalyst for change, simply by re-assessing, re-setting and re-thinking who we are, how we engage with the world – which, inevitably includes also what we wear and how we engage with the fashion industry.

For many, the real challenge is knowing where to start. So, what about building your own Digital Wardrobe and learn more about yourself. 

Does this make you curious?

Would you like to see how you can benefit from social scoring with easy-to-use technology which shows you how sustainable you are – and how you can improve and feel great while also having fun with what you wear? If so, join our Image Design waitlist. We are busy in the Lab and’ll get more news soon!

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