Image Ability | Blog: Breakthrough for self-image: seven principles
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In our dedicated training and coaching programmes, we understand that every organisation and individual have their own mission and values. Inevitably the closer they are aligned and shared, the more successful and fulfilled each becomes. But cultural fitness is not built or changed overnight – and it takes more than ‘two to tango’ for genuine breakthroughs. Most importantly, it takes time for reflection and empathetic experimentation.

A breakthrough doesn’t just hit you, or it is not as sudden as one might think. Typically, many threads converge to make it happen – and they come with ebbs and flows.  But, as in the tango, you’ll feel the right steps even when you are in the middle of a performance!

Every woman, whether in employment or as a candidate, is on her unique journey of self-discovery and professional growth. At Image Ability, our aim is to empower women by helping them develop a positive self-image with a confident, authentic presence that propels them towards their goals.

Here are seven core principles we incorporate into our coaching to make this transformation possible:

  • Self-Awareness

Work with who you really are.  Our coaching begins with a deep dive into self-awareness:  understanding oneself is the foundation of personal development. For instance, one of our clients discovered that her self-doubt was tied to a fear of public speaking. By acknowledging this, she could take the necessary steps to conquer her fear and unlock her potential as a powerful communicator. Allowing herself to cry and have a few tantrums was part of her breakthrough.

  • Setting Clear Goals

Designing your path to breakthrough.  We work closely with women to set clear, actionable goals. These goals are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed. Emma aimed to enhance her leadership skills: through coaching, she charted a path that included participating in management and image training over six months. This goal provided her with a well-defined roadmap for professional growth and a new level of energy.

  • Changing self-limiting beliefs

Tap into your potential.  Many women harbour self-limiting beliefs that hinder their progress. These beliefs, such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t do this,’ are challenged and replaced with more empowering narratives. Lisa learned to replace her self-doubt with the affirmation ‘I am resilient and capable of overcoming challenges.’ This shift in mindset transformed her approach to returning to work after a break. Her self-esteem and self-respect have gone up in tandem.

  • Building self-confidence

Projecting you at your best.  Self-image and self-confidence are closely connected. Through coaching, we equip women with techniques including visualisation, positive self-talk, and celebrating small wins. These are some of the exercises which boost our clients’ confidence to take on leadership roles at work and to express their ideas with authentic competence, tact and taste. A big part of women’s breakthroughs is understanding their relationship with their bodies and learning how to dress for the roles to which they aspire.   

  • Accountability

Steady on course.  Our coaching provides support to help women stay accountable for their actions and progress. Regular check-ins and accountability measures ensure they consistently take steps toward realising their new image aspiration. For Maria, weekly progress updates with her coach kept her focused on improving her time management skills – and her posture.

  • Skill development

Growing your image abilities.  Our programs emphasise skill development and personal growth, covering areas including communication, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. For one high-flyer client, this meant honing her active listening skills, which significantly strengthened both her professional and personal relationships.

  • Support and encouragement

Your friends here and now.  Throughout the coaching journey, we offer emotional support and encouragement. This support bolsters women’s confidence during challenging times at work and in life. Regular encouragement is a vital source of motivation and resilience, irrespective of people’s level of seniority. For one particular client, this process has heightened her appetite for risk: this is visible not only in terms of starting a new venture based on her ‘business as usual’, but it is also evident in how she now wears colour with gusto.

Overall, we work with organisations to integrate these principles into their change programmes: you can empower women to transform their self-image, communicate their confidence, competence, relevance, and connection, and, ultimately, achieve personal and organisational breakthroughs.

What more than performance and well-being do we all want!