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Why bother with your image? 

Change is constant – how many times have we heard that? Notwithstanding living with the pandemic, struggling with change will always be with us—likewise, the need for balance, transformation and creating value beyond the immediate.  

Our customers belong to three main categories: at one end are the very enthusiastic shoppers (for clothes and anything else!), and at the other end, those avoiding shopping as much as possible (n.b this could be avoiding change in any possible guise). Whether you are in any of the two or an in-betweener, there is no judgement. However, at Image Ability, we do believe in inner style, i.e your character or being more than meets the eye.  

Our approach to your image and style starts with what they mean to you. We call it Image ability as we help you grow and develop your own image management skills, sustainably.

To start with, we work with you to explore and identify your values, your ‘fabric’. But, as one lady said recently, to dress appropriately, we first need to ‘undress’ to understand our core: who are we, and what are we aiming for.

Clarity about your goals is critical, and we work with you to achieve a good starting position. But, in any Image endeavour, envisioning the new you and how you wish to live your life is what opens the way for delight and satisfaction – often with a few surprises along the way. 

One may think it is easier for those enthusiastic shoppers (rather than the reluctant ones) to develop ‘the solution’. However, this is rarely the case for either end of the spectrum, as beauty comes through individual exploration and commitment. 

The early win we will help you achieve is restoring a healthy interest in your image and style. Honesty and commitment are the key ingredients here.

Just for starters, remember dressing up as a child? When did you last allow yourself to play with what you wear? We facilitate this escape with our process – and positive technology to make it worthwhile for you, your stories to build towards your own purpose, your goals, clothes and memories.

The journey is yours; we help you map it and enjoy it most. Simply because your image is ageless, serve it well with all the goodness you could create.  

At Image Ability, we hear this all too often: ‘My 50s are something else’, ‘My40s are different’ or ‘If only I were 30 again – and it goes both ways – they may be better or not as good as before. Your quest for re-alignment is about re-strengthening your ageless image while doing things differently and better – at any age!

This is how we do it.

Image ability is a structure, a conduit to learning new habits and reaching out for empathetic coaching and mentoring. A support framework that takes you through what matters, step-by-step. It is not a fast way to shopping for new all the time, i.e. another disguise for retail. So, if more retail is what you want, you’d better stop reading here.

With Image Ability, we help you set or transform your own image and style destination. It all starts with your goals – once you articulate that convincingly, we guide you through establishing a vision and specific goals (quick reminder: image goes beyond dressing up for your social events or Instagram feed!). Then, we’ll help you focus.

Decision making can be stressful at times – and what woman can doubt this when it is about what to wear! So we help you re-learn how to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and win points towards your image-ability every time you do either.

Motivation can be challenging, and we employ a few techniques and have a community of like-minded women who like challenges to keep you on track.

….So that you have these outcomes

When you are playing and experimenting with what you wear, you help your image-ability muscle keep fit. Overall, playing and experimenting is exercising courage; whatever works for you in small or big doses, the result is enthusiasm

Think of children who explore and play with what they have; it is the same with what you wear and how you show up in what you do. Do it regularly, and that enthusiasm and energy will grow and stick. It becomes a habit and a rewarding one at that, and we also have the technology to get you there.

Did I mention colour? Chances are colour is already your friend, and it is irrelevant what season you are in terms of ‘colour speak’. Early in the process, we’ll help you learn what is natural for you so that you will be, more consciously, selecting those colours and shades which highlight you best of all. 

Finally, we’ll guide you on how to top up with appropriate dopamine colours for that extra oomph. Are you up for extra helpings of energy?  

You will recognise your image ability going up a notch when your productivity increases. The subsequent bounce in productivity is when you embrace your (digital) wardrobe to make it work for you regularly, irrespective of the particular changes you encounter: your face, body shape, hair colour; career, increased sustainable habits, finances, connection with your world.

Practising this play and experimentation will give you consistency and strengthen your new habits. Remember, your image is not just for an event or for that interview; think of your image ability for life. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Done well, you will be amazed at how you will develop influence at work and play – and you will thrive in any new change that is coming!

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