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As industry executives, so often we stay with a comfortable uniform to live-out our professional character to the detriment of our lives as whole women. Perversely, while dealing with risk and decisions day-in and day-out, our safe uniforms almost become ‘straight jackets’ – perceived armour against the outside world.

So, what do we suggest?

It is important that we take time to reflect on our past experiences and memories that make us feel good. Inherently, they will have shaped who we are today and can help define our future paths and aspirations.

My mother used to be a principal dancer. To this day, those memories are still so precious – particularly her recollections of changing into beautiful costumes before going on stage; about thriving on people’s enjoyment of their artistry.

She re-lives those moments which sprout from her internal reserves of feeling good; making us recognise more clearly than ever where, even in her old age, her sense of fun comes from and why she has grown into the amazing lady she is today.

Clothing can hold even more than precious memories – it can change how we feel for many years to come.

During a recent visit, one of my friends – a high performance professional – made it clear that she was curious about the relationship between image, clothes and self-confidence. So, we had fun creating a plan for the personae we each wanted to express to the world, designed to give us the life of our dreams.

Within just a week, my friend was already creating a collection of clothes that better represented her style ambition and she felt really good about it. On a Zoom call, she revealed that our conversation had been exactly the breakthrough she needed to kick-start a brand new project!

We all have our own suits, costumes, and way we want to present ourselves to the world. From my own mother, we know that clothing can shape our future for many years to come. And, just like my friend who is just starting on her new ‘adventure’, we can all dress for the life we want.

So, what are you wearing today?


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