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I have written lots about energy, enthusiasm, visibility and life-work balance as these have been the customer themes of late. We talked and problem-solved; we looked into how we can use our image to gain clarity and choose what to wear so as to get unstuck from that emptiness or ‘lack’ – which happens every now and again.

I practice diversionary tactics – from ‘lack’ to fun – and always backed up with beautiful clothes, music, dance, good language and a big smile. Stay with me, I will explain.

One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I love Mary Poppins – I even met her in Florida (yes, I know: who hasn’t!). She has always been my role model because I instinctively recognise so many of her facets in the women I have worked with – so many multiple identities which are constant and universal. So, instinctively, my work has been geared towards channelling more of Mary Poppins’ superpowers into those women for whom I have been responsible; those powers are all there, but every now and again, they need excavating, dusting off, and polished . . . not just to make them more visible but also shine. 

The truth is that nothing feels better than when my ladies shine. Almost invariably, and reassuringly, they have three ‘moments of truth’ or, how I like to call them, ‘intensities of shine’:

  1. You start to shine when you give yourself the chance and time to learn how to do things differently – about what you know of yourself and how you can use your own image as an asset. A bit of introspection and exercises helps you to discover the beauty of colour, body proportions and projections start emerging – but that is just the beginning. 
  • The shine gets amplified when you begin to look at what matters objectively. Some of us find it easier to be objective than others; this can be tough, especially as we are looking at ourselves. You may already know that, for 30 years, I have led data science and digital transformation projects; they have been our ‘bread and butter’. This professional focus helped me understand the grounding and objectivity that comes from the data – regardless of the industry or subject involved. Likewise, your ever-growing beauty comes from the balance of your personal objectivity and insight.  The  possibilities it unlocks for you increase your intensity to shine.
  • The shine comes naturally when you practice what you learn.

Learning new habits (and unlearning old habits) is the game-changer: when you push through, use what you now know, make it relevant for your own context, then you grow and shine –  big time! Good habits are good as they prevent us from burning out!

Yes, I realise that change is in my DNA and that I have a professional interest in data-driven transformation and practice it. But, as a woman, you do change all the time – even if you don’t recognise it as change.

So, let’s get back to Mary Poppins.

It all started early in my childhood with that compulsory teaspoon of fish oil I had to swallow at my kindergarten. A slice of pickled cucumber always followed it (I grew up in Transylvania, and pickles became that ‘spoon full of sugar’ MP sings about), making the whole experience bearable and increasingly desirable. I have loved pickles ever since: they mean good bones, posture, outfit, and confidence. They were my ‘Mary Poppins’ even before I knew she existed!

When did you last give yourself a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down?  

Join our Realise Future Image Programme in case you would like some ‘nice to have medicine’ to help make your image shine – and, most importantly, have fun with it!


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